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Get your roof moss removed by hand and your outdoor surfaces professionally pressure washed by Seattle's best and most affordable roof cleaning and pressure washing company - (206) 228-7591

We are a licensed, registered, and insured exterior cleaning company that specializes in removing moss from all surfaces include roofs, driveways, decks, siding, patios, pool aprons, outdoor furniture and more.  We also clean gutters and we can also apply safe and effective zinc-based or metal-free moss treatments to a cleaned roof to prevent moss from quickly returning.  All of our services are available for commercial and residential properties in the greater Seattle  area.

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The team at Rojo Moss Removal & Power Washing, LLC always approach every pressure washing, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning job with the same commitment to quality making us one of Seattle's top exterior cleaning companies. If you reach out for an estimate, we promise to offer a fair price and to do the work to the highest standard of quality. That's the Rojo promise. We love seeing our customers react to a transformed a property that feels like new again.  



"I have hired three individuals to clean my roof and power wash my home and sidewalk/deck in the last five years and I'm recommending just one - Tomas Rojo.

He will come by, give you an estimate, do the work when he says he will, follow-up afterwards (even if you aren't home when he leaves) and do a superb job."

- Sarah S., West Seattle Customer

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Need a Quote? Have Questions? Comments?

Our estimates are based on the total area to be cleaned, amount of accumulated moss and debris, and for roofs, the height and pitch as well as ease of access. Given all those variables, and in order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, we like to come take a look at the job in person. Click on the link below to request a free estimate visit!


You can count on Rojo Moss Removal & Power Washing to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about our pressure washing, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning services we provide in the greater Seattle area below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering. You can also read a full list of all our services here.

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High Quality, Highly Gentle, Hand Removal of Debris and  Moss from Roofs, Skylights and Solar Panels

Roof moss is a perennial problem for home owners and business all across the Pacific Northwest.  Left unchecked, moss takes root in the seams between shingles and retains moisture nearly year round.  Moss can force shingles to separate from a roof, and the constant moisture can cause erosion and roof leaks.  Unlike other companies, we use a highly labor intensive hand removal method and we never use pressurized water in a shingled roof.  This is the safest and most effective way to preserve the integrity of the shingle granules and dramatically extend the life of a roof.  We never use harsh chemicals or herbicides to kill moss as we have seen how dead moss can continue to cling to shingles and retain moisture, providing a welcome environment for moss to quickly return.   Our service always includes a full post-job clean up. We never leave you with a mess on the roof, or on the ground!


Expert Pressure Washing of All Exterior Surfaces

Moss spores surround us and they take root and grow on virtually every outdoor surface in the Seattle area and across the Pacific Northwest. Moss is unsightly when left unchecked and can be a highly dangerous slipping hazard for your family and your guests.   Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing has pressured washed just about every exterior surface you can think of and we take pride in completely transforming an area to look and feel new again. We have extensive experience cleaning driveways, walkways, decks, siding, porches, retaining walls, landscaping stones, pool aprons and more. We use professional grade equipment and carefully adjust pressure as needed to safely and thoroughly remove moss and grime without damaging property.  The best part of our work is seeing how our clients react to seeing how quickly we can wash away years of dirt and moss.  


Professional Gutter Cleaners with Competitive Pricing!

Evergreen trees full of pine needles and 9 months of regular rain are two of the most common factors that cause clogging in Seattle area gutters and downspouts.  We understand the importance of keeping gutters clear water drainage to prevent overflow that can cause soil erosion around a home's foundation and damage siding and trim. Since its founding, Rojo Moss Removal & Power Washing has been one of the most trusted names in Seattle when it comes to cleaning gutters and unclogging downspouts. Once we clear a downspouts, we insert of temporary screens to keep debris out as we move on to fully clean out the gutters.  We  remove all debris by hand, and carefully collect it, never leaving a mess in your yard, and we will not leave until we are sure your gutters are clean and your downspouts are completely clog free. 


We Strive for Satisfaction

We have tackled some of the dirtiest, most moss-covered roofs in Seattle and surrounding areas one shingle at a time.  Through our labor intensive and gentle hand cleaning method, we have removed even the thickest moss coverage to make roofs look new again.  Because we do not use harsh chemicals or herbicides to remove or kill moss, our roof cleaning method is environmentally-friendly and does not risk damaging any vegetation surrounding your home or commercial property.  We also offer solar panel and skylight cleaning with roof cleaning. 

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