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Seattle-based Exterior Cleaning Experts Here to Soft Wash Your Home Siding and Wood Paneling!


Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing is an exterior cleaning company with the Midas touch - everything we touch turns clean! That includes vinyl siding, aluminum siding, brick exteriors, wood paneled exteriors, stone façade exteriors and more.


Keeping your exterior vinyl siding and decks clean is as easy as scheduling yearly maintenance. From soft washing garage doors and fences to power washing patios and decks, our experience in serving hundreds of homes and businesses around Seattle tells us how high of a pressure to use for vinyl siding, what type of pressure washer nozzle to use for vinyl decks, but there's no need to bore you with all those details because the only thing that matters is professional results on your soft house wash service sooner than later, for an affordable cost you can get behind.

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We Clean Vinyl Decks, Vinyl Siding & All Other Types of House Siding

We clean vinyl siding the best way, with low pressure power cleaning that upholds the integrity of your vinyl. Whether it's a vinyl deck covered in black grime or dirty vinyl house siding, we have the technical skills and professional machinery to do the job quickly and affordably.


We bring vinyl surfaces back to vibrant life, letting the colors shine again, by carefully using a low pressure with our power washers to ensure all stains are removed without damaging your surfaces.


We also clean all other types of decks and house siding. For instance we power wash aluminum siding, likewise using a low pressure to remove all stains without damaging the coating.


In simple terms, we're an exterior siding cleaning company with the knowhow and wherewithal to complete your vinyl siding house wash service to customer satisfaction. We also clean siding for commercial businesses, making old brick buildings look fresh again.

We answer a lot of other questions pertaining to our Seattle exterior cleaning services such as the cost of moss treatment and the best way to clean vinyl siding on our FAQ page, but if you wish to learn more you can call us today!

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