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All roof surfaces, especially asphalt shingles can accumulate debris and can become breeding ground for moss, algae and lichen.  Keeping your roof clean not only improves the appearance of your home, it can dramatically lengthen the life of your roof.  Any organic matter on a roof will trap moisture, which means that shingles designed to have water roll off and dry quickly will stay wet for hours, even days after a rainfall.  This prolonged exposed to moisture erodes the surface of the shingle and can cause the wood under the shingles to decay. This is a particularly pernicious problem in the Pacific Northwest with 9 plus months of rain a year.  I have been on the roofs of dozens of homes across the greater Seattle area and have a first hand knowledge of how fragile a roof is.  Unlike lots of other larger companies, I do not use any pressurized or power washing on roofs given how important it is to save as many asphalt granules as possible. The method I use to remove moss and all other growth and debris from a roof is by hand.  It is difficult and time consuming work, but it is the safest way to preserve the integrity of the roof.  Also unlike many other companies, I do not use harsh chemicals on the surface of your roof to remove moss.  Many roof cleaning companies simply spray chemicals on your roof and wait for time and rain to do the work.  While this can kill the moss, it does not fully remove it. Several of my clients have called me to remove the moss that a previous company simply sprayed and killed.

before and after Seattle roof cleaning service by Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing LLC.


We uphold the integrity of your roof shingles with our hand-brush moss removal method and roof moss prevention treatment. While other roof cleaning companies in Seattle use harmful moss killing products and damage roofs shingles with power washing machines, the highly experienced Seattle roof cleaners in our company continue to be the area's top choice because our results speak for themselves - we use the best solution to get rid of the moss on your roof shingles. We also specialize in all types of roofs, from metal roof cleaning to getting rid of moss, lichen and grime from wood tiles, slate tiles and clay tiles. In other words, no matter what type of roof you have, no matter how dirty it is, and no matter if it's a commercial or residential property, our licensed and insured roof moss removal experts in Seattle will get the job done with spectacular results!

Seattle roof cleaning service before and after 1
Seattle roof cleaning service before and after 2

Our Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning Options

For all types of roof cleaning we offer eco friendly options to the people of Seattle. We do this because it's a shame to see people using unnecessary commercial chemicals that harm the environment when a simple eco friendly method would work. We only use non-toxic and eco-friendly roof cleaning solutions that cause zero harm to the plants and wildlife surrounding your home. Even when your roof is suffering from an intensive moss infestation, we can clean all the moss away with hand brushes and a zinc-based formula that has no harmful effects to animals, trees, or the other plants in your garden.

Below, although we have many more options like metal-free roof moss treatments, you'll see our 3 core (most popular) eco friendly roof cleaning services:

harnessed roof cleaner scraping moss from roof shingles.jpg

Hand-brush Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof by hand, by use of push brooms, brushes, and leaf blowers, is the most eco friendly way to possibly clean a roof because it uses zero water and zero cleaning chemicals, and it's also a very effective way to clean roof shingles. This option, although it's the most environmentally friendly choice, will not prevent moss from growing back. For moss prevention, our eco friendly zinc-based treatment is the best choice. Our hand-brush method will still get rid of roof moss, but it will not prevent it in the same way as a roof moss treatment would.

post moss removal service clean up.jpg

Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning

In certain cases low pressure roof cleaning, also known as a roof shampoo, roof washing, or soft-washing, is a great eco friendly option. We use minimal amounts of water at low pressure to remove grime and stains from rooftops without damaging shingle granules. This option is more recommended for metal roofs and rooftops with stronger roofing materials like slate or composite shingles because they're less prone to damage from water pressure. We only use higher pressure water jets for washing metal and concrete roofs.

zinc based roof moss treatment on shingles.jpg

Zinc-based Roof Treatment

For roof cleaning jobs requiring the removal of moss infestations as well as up to two years of moss prevention, our zinc-based roof moss cleaning treatment is a great eco friendly option. Zinc is only harmful to animal and plant life at high levels, and while it's an essential trace metal in the human body we're still very careful to only use the small amounts necessary to treat your roof moss infestation without overspill. The zinc withers the moss without harming your garden or surrounding wildlife, preventing another moss infestation for up to two years.

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