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Not all decks and patios are built equally, but here at Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing every deck and patio cleaning job is handled with the same love and care. That's why the people of Seattle choose us time and time again for our professional patio cleaning services. No matter what type of material your deck or patio is made from, we have the tools and expertise to make it as clean as a whistle! From outdoor tile cleaning, and paved patio moss removal to wood deck pressure washing and everything in between, we do it all with top-industry standards and competitive pricing.

Seattle's best patio and deck cleaning services.

In Seattle, Washington, where the climate frequently bestows rain and dampness, the maintenance of outdoor surfaces such as patios and decks is of paramount importance. The region's unique weather conditions create an environment ripe for moss, algae, and mildew growth on these surfaces, making regular cleaning and maintenance a necessity. Homeowners seeking to preserve the aesthetic appeal and safety of their outdoor spaces can benefit greatly from a range of services, including pressure washing, sidewalk cleaning, deck washing, and patio cleaning services. The use of a concrete pressure washer proves invaluable for eliminating stubborn stains, moss, and algae that tend to accumulate, especially during the wetter months.


Regular cleaning is not only a matter of enhancing visual appeal but also of ensuring the longevity of these outdoor assets. Wooden decks, in particular, are susceptible to decay in Seattle's moist climate, and deck cleaning services provide a proactive approach to safeguarding against rot and damage. The same principle applies to patio slabs, where maintenance routines with the right patio cleaner help prevent the buildup of black spots and maintain the integrity of the surface. Furthermore, deck cleaning services offer homeowners the best way to clean decking materials, ensuring that they endure Seattle's variable weather conditions without succumbing to premature wear and tear.


Whether seeking to pressure wash a patio, clean a deck, or engage in thorough sidewalk cleaning, Seattle residents are well-advised to consider the benefits of our professional patio cleaning services. Our services offer the expertise, equipment, and cleaning agents necessary to restore outdoor spaces to their optimal condition, thus contributing to both property value and the safety of outdoor environments. When you're ready to get

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