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Welcome to Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing, LLC - Seattle's leading moss removal experts.

We specialize in preventing moss from growing on your roof with a comprehensive roof moss treatment solution. Our moss-killer solution is eco-friendly and friendly to your wallet, too, guaranteeing moss prevention for up to two years with a free warranty.

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Prevent Moss On Your Roof With Our Roof Moss Treatment Solution

The steps we take to prevent moss on your roof begin with removing all the existing moss by hand. Once all the moss on your roof is removed and the shingles are sparkly clean, we then apply our roof moss treatment solution (zinc) which comes with a free two year warranty - guaranteeing that the moss won't grow back on your roof for up to two years. If it does, we'll clean it for free!

It's important to protect your roof from moss for a flurry of reasons. We cover all the benefits of moss removal here for you to read if you're unaware of the damage moss can cause to your roof. Even when we don't apply the moss prevention solution and just clean the moss by hand, we still offer a 1 year warranty. Applying the roof moss treatment is just another step to prevent the moss from growing back for even longer, which is how we can offer a 2 year warranty in such cases. Unfortunately, because Seattle enjoys the Pacific's unique environment, moss growing on the roof is inventible for many Seattle homes. That's where we come in to provide the moss prevention and roof moss treatment solutions you need.

Protect your roof and order a moss prevention treatment from Seattle's top moss removal experts today, and call (206) 228-7591.

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