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Seattle-based Company Providing Solar Panel Cleaning Service


Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing is a roof cleaning and pressure washing company with the Midas touch - everything we touch turns clean! That includes skylights and solar panels.


Keeping your exterior solar panels clean is important for maximum energy output, and since we're already on top of roofs removing moss and cleaning shingles, we might as well clean your solar panels too. The same goes for your skylights. Because it's no trouble for us to wash your solar panels and skylights while we're on your roof, these services typically come as no extra charge. However, we also offer solar panel cleaning service separately for those with solar farms and many outdoor solar panels that need cleaning.


Work with local experts who have washed hundreds of houses in Seattle, and order solar panel cleaning service from Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing today by dialing (206) 228-7591.

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