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Pollen Removal Done Right in Seattle - Here's How!

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This is how a patio in the spring is supposed to look. No pollen!

Are you looking for a cleaning company that specializes in pollen removal and pollen stain cleaning services? Or, are you looking for information on how professionals clean pollen off of exterior surfaces? If your answer is "Yes" to either of these questions, then you're in the right place because today the staff at Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing, LLC want to embrace the spring weather and talk all about Seattle pollen removal tips and practices.

If you park under a pine tree, or if you have lots of trees on your street or neighboring lawns, then you already know that spring (right now) is the time of year when these trees, especially the flowering ones, love to spread their pollen everywhere, including on your car, your roof, your walls, your driveway, your solar panels, etc. That's why we've been asked "What's the use of having solar panels on your roof when as soon as the sunny season comes they get covered in pollen?" The solution is simple, we say! It's not too difficult for professionals like us or you yourself if you have the ability to get up on the roof with a rag and warm, soapy water to scrub the pollen off your solar panels. But if the pollen has spread out of control and is all over your property, it makes perfect sense that you'd rather hire an outdoor cleaning company like us instead of spend the whole evening scrubbing outside.

We have the tools and techniques to wash pollen off of retaining walls, lawn furniture, pool aprons, driveways, decks, patios, garden paths, outdoor fireplaces, roofs, and all other exterior surfaces on your residential or commercial property. And it's no wonder to us why we have to remove pollen from so many surfaces every spring. Anywhere you go in Seattle during spring on a windy day, you can stand back and literally see the wind carrying clouds of pollen dust from the pine trees and lilies. After just an hour of parking your car under one of these windy pollen clouds, your car will be completely covered in the stuff. To clean the pollen off your car yourself is as simple as cleaning the solar panels, as we mentioned. Warm soapy water does wonders. However, you'll want a pressure washer or services from a reputable pressure washing company in Seattle like us when it comes to completing the much larger job of cleaning pollen off the other many outdoor surfaces mentioned above. Cleaning pollen yourself is entirely possible, just use warm, soapy buckets of water and a hose or pressure washing machine. But if you want to get professional pollen removal services in Seattle, it's even more simple...

Get Professional Pollen Removal Services in Seattle:

Pollen plays a role in nature, but not when it's all over your driveway.

In a single day, for as low as $175, our team of professional moss removal and pressure washing experts can tackle your pollen problem, and make your property shine fresh and clean like it should in the spring, to bring out every morsel of beauty that your property has to share. For some cleaning pollen is a matter of allergies, which is why it's smart to check for updates on Seattle's pollen conditions. For many others throughout Seattle it's all about keeping surfaces clean, and that's what we're best at.

To learn more about Seattle pollen removal services, or to order a free cost estimate for pressure washing on your property today, call Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing, LLC by dialing (206) 228-7591 and our friendly staff will be glad to help.


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