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Washing the Unusual: How We Clean Lawn Furniture, Outdoor Fireplaces, and Pool Aprons

As as Seattle-based cleaning company that specializes in exterior house cleaning services like roof moss removal and power washing, we're often asked if we clean the unusual items and parts of property exteriors. When a homeowner in Seattle wants their patio pressure washed and their roof cleaned and cleared of all grime and moss, it's totally reasonable that they would also want their pool apron, their lawn furniture, and their outdoor fireplace all cleaned in the same day, and that's something we're happy to say we can do. And we often do a lot more. To answer so many recent questions about our exterior house cleaning services at once, we thought we'd make things simpler by compiling our answers into a single article called Washing the Unusual, which you're reading now, so without further ado let's get right into it.

Rojo work van and equipment for cleaning the unusual parts of your exterior property

Outdoor Cleaning Entails A Whole Heck of a Lot:

When we say we offer outdoor cleaning services in Seattle, we're talking about a whole heck of a lot of specific and individual services covering many aspects of your commercial or residential lot. For example, a residential property with a pool, an external car port, and an extensive decorative landscape with plants and flowers might require up to 24 hours of professional labor or more to clean, because we gladly pressure wash the garage door, the pool, all the paved garden paths, and we remove all the moss and clean the grime off all the retaining walls, and that's just getting started.

We take the time to clean all the unusual parts of your property that other outdoor cleaning companies ignore. Such parts include all the outdoor furniture on your patio such as lawn chairs and garden patio sets which can be cleaned with low pressure water jets to remove all dirt and stains. We remove moss, lichen, grime, and other contaminants from brick and stone retaining walls using water jets as well, albeit at a higher pressure than we use for lawn furniture. The same goes for concrete and wooden stairs around the perimeter of your property, not to mention the exterior of your doghouses, tool sheds, and playhouses. Cleaning the unusual parts of outdoor properties also often manifests in ways our clients don't expect but are grateful for, because we have the care and take the time to do these extra things, like cleaning decks, house siding, and moving aside the planters on your driveway and around your walkways so that we can power wash the grime stains underneath them!

If we were to put all the things we clean on the exterior of a property that could easily be deemed unusual by lazy competitors, we'd include:

  • Planters

  • Garden beds

  • Lamp posts

  • Fire hydrants

  • Landscape lighting

  • Lawn furniture

  • Pool aprons

  • Retaining walls

  • Garage doors

  • Fences

  • Sheds

  • Playhouses

  • Doghouses

  • Stairs

  • Walkways

  • Garden paths

  • Garden decorations

  • Timber-framed landscape features

  • Solar panels

  • Skylights

We clean all these things for exterior properties, often in the same day that we provide one of our core services like roof and gutter cleaning or moss removal. We take pride in cleaning the unusual, because we do it at no extra cost, and because it's the right thing to do for customer satisfaction. So, if you need your pool aprons and your lawn furniture cleaned as well as your patio, or your fence and garage door cleaned as well as your driveway, or whatever you need cleaned around the perimeter of your property, be it your trailer or billboard, we have the industrial pressure washers and moss cleaning methods to make it happen. So, please mention the unusual parts of your property that you need washed when you call (206) 228-7591 for exterior property cleaning service in Seattle, Washington or the Puget Sound area today. We're happy to clean your retaining wall, pool apron, lawn furniture, or any neglected part of your outdoor property. We'll gladly do it, because it's one other aspect of the Rojo promise.

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