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Can I pressure wash my own driveway?

A commercial pressure washing machine cleaning a residential driveway in Seattle
Professional driveway pressure washing in Seattle WA

Yes, of course, this is a free country and you can pressure wash your own driveway. However, cheap pressure washing machines under $200 tend to do a bad job and take their owners days to wash larger surfaces, and can’t generate the types of high water pressure needed to remove certain stains from your driveway. Hiring a professional pressure washing company might cost as little as $200 (the same cost as a cheap pressure washing machine), for an incredible result that will last half the year. And so to get the same professional results by yourself it’s best to invest in a proper commercial pressure washing machine, which typically costs $1,700. There are also options to rent a commercial pressure washing machine so you don’t need to spend multiple days using a cheap one, but this still doesn’t give you the safety and liability that a professional pressure washing company provides. You must wear the proper eye protection and watch out for flying rocks and other damage caused by using your own pressure washer. Professionals are insured and work with the proper safety equipment. So, while the short answer is yes anyone can pressure wash their own driveway, the long answer is that you’ll be spending a lot of time, you’ll need to make a large investment, and you won’t have liability insurance if something goes wrong. It’s recommended to hire professionals to save time, save money, make sure everyone is safe, including your neighbors, and, lastly, to ensure that the end result of your cleaned driveway is one of high quality.

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