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Bird Dropping Removal & Pigeon Poop Cleaning in Seattle, WA

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Pigeons and other birds local to Seattle often like to stick around the same places for a while, until their nests are disturbed and they must find new homes. It can be lovely to have these feathered friends around if you're a bird watcher or like to feed them while ambling downtown on Sundays, but for property owners who simply don't want bird waste scattered all over their roof, walls, and sidewalks, these feathered friends aren't considered so friendly anymore.

If you're a homeowner or property manager in Seattle tired of looking at the bird excreta on your roof, patio, or other exterior surfaces every day, rest assured we here at Rojo Moss Removal and Power Washing, LLC specialize in bird poop removal service. Just like moss removal, different cleaning methods are required for bird poop removal depending on the type of surface the excreta is on.

How We Clean Bird Poop in Seattle

We remove pigeon waste and other bird droppings from commercial and residential properties using various cleaning methods depending on the surface type and amount of waste needing cleanup. For concrete and paving, a pressure washing machine with high PSI is often powerful enough to remove all droppings without damaging the surface. Other more fragile surfaces like asphalt shingles, however, may require a cleaning solution soak with soft hand brushing to avoid damage to the shingles. For bird poop that is harder to clean due to age we also implement scrapers to scrape up the poop making the final cleaning phase easier. All these methods result in the same thing - a clean surface with no bird droppings on it!

If you need commercial or residential pigeon dropping or bird poop removal service in Seattle or surrounding area, call Rojo today - (206) 228-7591.


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